Welcome to the new site! …(and a bit about porting everything over)

Well, I’ve had time to stop and catch my breath after getting to a draft of the thesis that I’m reasonable happy with, so I thought it was high time that the website had a little update. And that includes porting everything over to WordPress and getting things looking a little more welcoming!

The old site used Blogger, which was a platform that I’d become “stuck” with. It’s simply part of the Google ecosystem and having dabbled with it a few years back, and then succumbed to status quo bias, I’d been stuck ever since. It’s not a particularly easy platform to use, and doesn’t seem to give you many options for making the site look professional. So, eventually heeding everyone’s advice, I’ve switched to WordPress and effectively joined the rest of the world – better late than never?

The site will eventually look much more like my Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and the Zentangles and drawings here are all my own, and subject to copyright. If you want to use them, please ask me! I’ll post about the why, what, and how of the drawings separately, but suffice to say they represent my research visually.

Please bear with me while I shuffle everything around and get all my content in the right place with the right links that send you to the right place!

By clarewilliamsresearch

How we can do, talk, and think about legal and economic phenomena better? And what other possiblities emerge when we do?

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