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…about legal and economic phenomena

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My website is about my research. This looks at how we do, talk about, and think about legal and economic aspects of interactions.

If we can reframe legal and economic phenomena, could we respond more innovatively to the financial crisis, and current social problems?

Have a look at the visual aspects of my work under Visualising.

Check out my latest cartoons about law and economics here.

Read about my PhD here, and my papers are here.

The drawings, diagrams, graphics, and videos are ways of visualizing my work, and are explained in this page here. They’re subject to copyright (so please ask before you borrow), but you can see how they appear and what they mean in my videos here.

Recent blog posts…

Visualising the PhD journey: once you start looking for metaphors…

A little heads up on a current (soon to be revealed) WIP: I’m visualising the PhD journey using digital paintings, maps and interactive story-telling. It’s an exciting project and I can’t wait to share it when it goes live. This means that I’ve been thinking about metaphors and ways of storytelling. And it turns out […]

What does a Pandemic mean for the social sciences?

A few months ago, I had the privilege of chatting with a student of public policy at one of the leading universities in the UK for science and disease. He was telling me about the postgraduate course he was on, and how public policy is a discipline based purely on science. I thought briefly, and […]

“Oh God, the Economy!” (or how a meme can sum up my PhD thesis)

Who doesn’t love a meme? And when a couple of these come along that just happen to sum up your doctoral thesis, it’s both impressive, depressing, and a funny feeling of having come full circle. Thanks, internet. Elon Musk, king of many things but also of the art form that is The Meme, was widely […]


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