Previous projects, publications and links…

This page lists my previous projects. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through some of the pieces and exploring different ways of thinking about econo-socio-legal interactions!

Before we go anywhere though, a few links about other online platforms that I use:

My old site is here. It’s based on the Blogger platform, which is just a little unwieldy, hence the new beginnings here!

My papers are on SSRN and my list of publications is below.

I tweet @_clare_williams and my Twitter feed is here.

I also upload videos about how I draw the visuals you can see on this site and what they mean, and these are on my YouTube Channel here.

My Publications

  • “Beyond the New Economic Sociology: The Role of Embedded Networks in Post-Neoliberal Culture” (2011), at SSRN online.
  • “Appropriating Rhetoric: A Beginner’s Guide” (2013) NILQ 64(3) 383-95, available on my SSRN page
  • “What Can ESL Offer to the Data Collector? Describing, Defining, Designing and Deploying an Alternative ESL Approach” (2014) NILQ 65(3) 345-55, available on my SSRN page